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Affiliate Program FAQ

1. How Trendy Smilez Affiliate Program works? 

Trendy Smilez strongly believes business growth based on referral and positive word of mouth. We welcome all those interested to promote Trendy Smilez Online Store to their friends, family and communities they are involved in their daily life. When the people buy using Affiliate's links, then the Affiliate will be entitled to EARN Affiliate Commission after the order is fulfilled.   

2. Is there any cost to join Trendy Smilez Affiliate Program?

It is totally FREE to apply and join Trendy Smilez Affiliate Program. However, due to limited number that we enroll into program on yearly basis, this is based on "first come first serve" and subject to approval of each application by Trendy Smilez Management. 

3. Who can join Trendy Smilez Affiliate Program?

Anyone who is interested to EARN additional income and willing to promote Trendy Smilez Affiliate Program actively to their Friends, Family and Communities can join the Program.  

4. How do i promote Trendy Smilez Online Store to my friends and my communities?

Approved Affiliated will be provided with Affiliate links and also access to dashboard to check their Affiliate commissions. When Affiliate's Friends, Family and Communities buy using their Affiliate links they can check their estimated Affiliate Commissions on their Affiliate Dashboard. 

5. When Affiliates will be paid?

After order is fulfilled, actual Affiliate Commission will be calculated. In order to be eligible for payout accumulated Affiliate Commission should be minimum S$100. The Affiliate Payout is once a month (on last day of the month) 

6. Do i get paid on Refund Order, Cancelled orders or Disputed orders?

No, If the buyer dispute after order is fulfilled and eventually lead to cancellation or dispute, the Affiliate commission paid will be adjusted accordingly from future Affiliate payments.  

7. I don't have Paypal account. How do i get paid Affiliate commission?

PayPal is Safe and Secure method of Payment with just Affiliate's email. It takes only a couple of minutes to set up PayPal account for Affiliates. Thus we encourage all Affiliates to open PayPal account to receive Affiliate Commissions. Alternately we will send Check.

For Affiliates located in Singapore, Affiliate commissions can be transferred or deposited into their bank accounts. 

All bank commissions, PayPal charges etc will be charged to Affiliate account irrespective of payment type (Bank transfer/deposit, Check or PayPal).

8. Any Affiliate Program terms?

Yes,  Affiliate Program terms, Store terms and Privacy Policy of Trendy Smilez shall apply. Both terms and Affiliate Commission are subject to revision without any prior notice. 

9. Can Affiliate earn Affiliate commission when the Affiliate buy on store? 

No, Affiliates are NOT entitled for any Affiliate commission, when they purchase or buy on store for themselves using their name. 

10. Affiliate commission calculation issues if any.

If Affiliate do not agree with Affiliate commission calculation or payout amount, they can write to However, kindly note that the decision of Trendy Smilez management is final.

11. How to exist from Trendy Smilez Affiliate Program?

Affiliates are free to exit from Affiliate program any time by informing their decision to However, Affiliates will be entitled for Affiliate commissions only on orders received (pending shipment/delivery) until the date of their decision to exit.

12. If have questions on Affiliate Program in future?

You are welcome to contact us at Please allow 2 working days to respond. 






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