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Affiliate Terms

Trendy Smilez Affiliate Terms:

Trendy Smilez Pte Ltd (called Trendy Smilez or Trendy Smilez Store or Affiliate means any person who promotes to his or her community complying to legal and government regulations to buy products on

New Affiliates will start with Standard Affiliate Membership, and progress Premium Membership, VIP Membership depending upon their preceding 3 months rolling average​ Sales from their Affiliate links.  

Standard Affiliate Membership: 8% commission on net sales (Monthly Sales S$2,000 or below)

Premium Affiliate Membership: 10% commission on net sales (Monthly Sales S$2001 to S$5,000)

VIP Affiliate Membership: 12% commission on net sales (Monthly Sales S$5,001 and above)

  1. Affiliate Commission will be applicable on full price items of Trendy Smilez Store only. Not applicable for items in Trendy Smilez Sales Promotions like "Deals Today" and/ or with First Time Buy /Sign Up discounts etc. 
  2. Affiliate Commission is applicable when the buyers use the Affiliate link/Affiliate Banners to access online store within 30 days cookie period and complete their purchases.
  3. Affiliate Commission is applicable for the completed sales and after the buyer receive the shipment which will be about 40 days from customer order or purchase by customer. 
  4. No Affiliate Commission will be paid for the Cancelled orders, Refunded orders, Disputed orders whatsoever may be the reason. No Affiliate Commission will be paid on Affiliates personal purchases on Trendy Smilez ( store.
  5. Affiliate Commission will be adjusted if there is any cancellation (part or full), Refunded orders (part or full), Disputed orders (part or full) in subsequent Affiliate commission payouts. Trendy Smilez decision will be final on Affiliate Commission calculations and net commissions. All disputes are to be resolved in Singapore only.
  6. To qualify for Affiliate Payment, accumulated Net Affiliate Commissions should be minimum S$100.
  7. Affiliate Commission will be paid on monthly basis on last working of the month on qualified sales (from your Affiliate link) into Affiliates PayPal email accounts. 
  8. Affiliates located in Singapore may choose to opt for additional channels like Bank Check or Bank transfer directly into their bank account. All bank charges, postage charges, Payment gateways like Shopify, Stripe, PayPal charges to receive money into Affiliate Bank Account are to be borne by Affiliates.
  9. Affiliates do not use the sponsored keywords used by Trendy Smilez in their promotional advertisements. Affiliates to write in to and confirm on this.
  10. Affiliates are NOT allowed display and /or promote Affiliate links/Banners etc in websites not complying to law in the respective Countries, in websites promoting Illegal, Gambling, Pornography, targeting user below legal age, harmful to Society.
  11. Affiliates are not employees or contractors or partners of Trendy Smilez Pte Ltd. Affiliates refer /promote Trendy Smilez to their friends and their communities and when people purchase successfully, then Affiliates will be paid Affiliate commission.
  12. Affiliates will not do any illegal activities, deception practices to promote Trendy Smilez online and /or offline. For example Affiliates are not allowed to promote in illegal websites, pornography websites, gambling websites, weapons websites, websites that are barred by government authorities, websites that can strain social cohesion of people or community etc.
  13. Affiliates not complying to Trendy Smilez Store Terms, Privacy Policy & Affiliate terms will terminated from accessing their Affiliate accounts
  14. Affiliates can choose to terminate from this program at any time.
  15. Affiliates have to remove promotional material such as banners etc a) When offers are no longer valid. b) In case of termination.
  16. Affiliates not complying to Trendy Smilez Store Terms, Privacy Policy & Affiliate terms, may lose any Affiliate commission due to them.
  17. Affiliate terms are subject to revision, change by Trendy Smilez without any prior notification to Affiliates.
  18. Trendy Smilez may choose to discontinue Affiliate Program at any time without prior notice.
  19. It is a precondition that Affiliates fully accept Trendy Smilez Affiliate Terms including future changes, to become or continue as Affiliate in this program.
  20. The Affiliate membership may be terminated if there are no sales from the Affiliate link provided over a period of 3 months, unless Trendy Smilez Pte Ltd gives exceptional approval. This is because we only need those who are serious to promote our company to join as Affiliate members.
  21. Affiliates should only Join and carryout all their referral promotional activities in compliance with all Government regulations in their Country. 


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